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Are you going through a major transition right now? Or maybe can you feel one coming?


You’ve reached the point where you are not satisfied with your current job or line of business. So you start searching for something that inspires you more everyday.

Something that makes you feel like you are making a difference. Something you are truly passionate about.

Perhaps your relationship has recently come to an end and you want to know what is next for you in relationship with others, and especially yourself.

Or you’ve been successful at your current career and you like it just fine, but you know deep down it has run its course. Something new is on the horizon.

You know it is time for a change.

Transitions like these often can be full of uncertainty, bringing up anxiety that can be really uncomfortable. It can feel like there’s no ground beneath your feet, no stability. When this happens, transitions can feel stressful, bringing up natural resistance and feelings of difficulty.

It can be hard to tell which direction to go, and you get stuck in a feeling stuck in limbo. Even when you are moving and taking action, but you’re just going through the motions, not moving towards where you really want to be.

But what if it could be easier?

Does it really have to be hard and bumpy? And who’s advice should you take – that of a career coach who has all the assessment tools to help you “figure out” what your aptitudes are? Or those articles on the Internet giving you advice?

Sure, you can go that route, but the key to your best transition is knowing one thing.

And that’s YOU.

Knowing yourself, what’s stopping you, possibilities and routes that you aren’t seeing that might serve you better than the fear and uncertainty of a bumpy transition.

In my experience going through my transitions and in coaching others through them, I have found some key factors to help make it smoother, easier and more enjoyable with less stress. If we are stressed, uncertain and fearful, it’s harder to see the opportunity and resources that are all around you. You just need to know how to access them.

In the FREE, interactive webinar “4 Keys to Less Stress During a Career or Life Transition” we will discuss all of this and more, to help make your transition smoother, more enjoyable and successful.

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